‘Making’ Architecture

About ‘Making’ Architecture

In the spring semester of 2016, AnArchi, Study Association for Architecture and Professor Juliette Bekkering, Chairholder of the Chair of Architecture Design and Engineering (ADE), organized the first ‘Making’ Architecture Lecture Series at the Department of the Built Environment of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

This AnArchi | ADE lecture series provide students, professionals and others interested in architecture the opportunity to get inspired by a variety of well-known architects.

Each lecture evening provides one or two speakers with a stage to share their ideas and opinions on the making of architecture, what results in exciting dynamics of seeing things through the eyes of people with different architectural practices and portfolios of work both in The Netherlands and abroad.

Through many projects or themes the guests elaborate on their practices and how their designs were made into reality. As making architecture is the theme of this lecture series, the audience is presented with the unfolding of the process of making architecture for the different speakers and offices.

This and the ensuing discussions that are in part stimulated by the evoking questions of the audience, is what makes this lecture series successful and live up to its expectation as a moments of reflecting on the issue of ‘Making’ Architecture.

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