Furniture Workshop

Join the Furniture Designing workshop with @utemaru_tue on the 29th of April!✨

Want to participate in the designing of urban furniture in real life? Are you interested in joining a real start-up company?

Utemaru is the first social venture looking to bring nature back into cities with Nature-Inclusive Outdoor Furniture. These are designs that create spaces for nature and people to
coexist in urban areas. They are built using sustainable materials and with the help of people at a distance from the labor market.

Utemaru is collaborating with the @gemeente_eindhoven to place several urban furniture in the city center which will be the part of Eindhoven Vision Development 2050. Utemaru is looking for passionate people to come on board.

Come join the co-designing workshop where you can experience the design process and contribute to a real life project! It will start with a lunch lecture at 13:00 in VRT 2.31. After this the real workshop will start at 14:00 in the workshop space in Vertigo where there will be plenty of co-designing, discussion, modelling and drawing.

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