Archiprint committee

The Archiprint is AnArchi’s journal, and as a member of the archiprint committee you will be an integral part of its creation. The committee handles everything from the articles to the layout, with the contributions of guest writers. Within the committee, there are several roles to be divided amongst the members: editor-in-chief, editors, writers, design and cover design. 

The Archiprint also has its own advisory council, consisting of several teachers within the faculty of the built environment. They offer their knowledge and guidance during the process of writing and publishing the Archiprint. The Archiprint is published about twice per year and is sponsored by some architectural offices whom we call ‘Friends of Archiprint’.


Our committees play an integral role in the daily operations of the association. These committees are run by motivated and enthusiastic students of our community. We are always looking for new talent to join us in the daily adventures of keeping a study association going.