Current board

The board of AnArchi is responsible for running the association. The people within this board change on a yearly basis. The current board is the 14th board.

The 14th board

Tibbe Ritsma
Chairman & Commissioner of Study Trip &

Elisa Kempen
Secretary & Commissioner of Lustrum &

Ivar de Boer
Treasurer & Commissioner of Education &

Puck van Diemen
Commissioner of Professional Relations & Vice-chairman

Berend Lolcama
Commissioner of Activities & Promotion

Faith Alcindor
Commissioner of Archiprint

Tibbe Ritsma – Chairman and Commissioner of Studytrip

Hi! I’m Tibbe Ritsma. Since around the age of ten, I have been saying I wanted to become an architect, as I liked drawing very basic 2D houses. The conviction stuck for all the years since, even as I grew to realize what architecture actually entails, and fourteen years later I’m on my way to a Master’s degree, although I made the switch to Urbanism about two years ago.

A few times before I doubted about doing a board year, but ended up not applying. This time, there was one extra reason to apply.

As AnArchi is now the Association for Architecture and Urbanism, I see a large and very interesting challenge for the next board. Finding the proper balance between the two disciplines will be one of the major focus points of our board.

In the coming year, I will be the Chairman and Commissioner of the study trip within the AnArchi board. The coming study trip will be the lustrum study trip, so it’s a very exciting year to organize it. Relating to the role of Chairman, my focus will mainly lie on the balanced inclusion of the Urbanism discipline. Furthermore, to grow as an association, I will look for points where the association can be more efficient. Within the board, maintaining a good overview is a key focus point. Furthermore, I’m a big fan of good communication and will try my best to use it to greatly increase the success of the 14th board.  I’m confident that together with the other board members, we will make this year a successful one and build a proper groundwork for growth.

Elisa Kempen – Secretary and Commissioner of Lustrum

Hi! My name is Elisa Kempen and I’m a 3rd year master’s student in Urbanism at TU/e. Before my TU/e journey, I completed my bachelor’s in Built Environment (HBO – Zuyd Hogeschool). During my bachelor, I learned a lot about architecture and the construction site of the Built Environment. Since urbanism aroused my interest, I decided to pursue my education in Eindhoven by starting the master Architecture, Building and Planning. The strong correlation of Architecture and Urbanism is a big passion of mine and I personally think this can be interwoven even more in our current and future Built Environment. One of the main goals of AnArchi’s board this year will be to be more involved in the Urbanism field and get a working relationship with Architecture.

For 1,5 years I have been an active member of AnArchi, which helped me to get to know a lot of new people. Because I did not study here in Eindhoven during my bachelor’s, I found this difficult in the beginning, especially during the Covid times. That’s why I wanna use this experience to involve pre-master students even more this upcoming year.

After participating in AnArchi’s study trip in 2022, I became a part of the study trip committee for 2023 which was a great success. During these activities, I realized I wanted to fulfill my TU/e time with something even more involved within AnArchi. This eventually results in a board year for 2023-2024 which I am very excited about.

This year I will pursue the function of Secretary and Commissioner of Lustrum. As the secretary of this year’s board, I would like to maintain a clear way of communicating between the board and the members of AnArchi. AnArchi will celebrate its Lustrum in the academic year 2024-2025. This year I will be managing the Lustrum committee and preparing for its big activities. To set a foundation for AnArchi’s future, the 14th board of AnArchi will build today to design for tomorrow.

Ivar de Boer – Treasurer and Commissioner of Education

Hey! My name is Ivar de Boer. I’ve always been passionate about the built environment surrounding me. From the detailing on a handrail, the composition of a façade, and the layout of a site, to the planning of a neighborhood, I can find it fascinating, and this ultimately led me to Eindhoven. After four years of Bachelor where I studied Architecture, Urbanism, and BPS, I am now starting my second year of the Master’s in which I’m specializing in Urbanism.

I became a part of AnArchi when I started my master’s but have since discovered I should have done so a lot earlier. I’ve gotten to know so many new people and participated in fun activities. The study trip of 2022 was so much fun, I decided to join the committee for 2023, a trip which also turned out to be unforgettable. I decided to continue my journey within the association this year with a board year, which I’m very excited about.

As Treasurer and Commissioner of Education, my main tasks are to verify and guard the financial security of AnArchi and to strive for better education through communication with teachers and students. However, next to this, it is my ambition to play also a big role in laying the groundwork for an even better AnArchi. Which I hope to achieve, together with my fellow board members. I can’t wait to get started and to have an amazing year together with everyone!

Berend Lolcama – Commissioner of Activities and Commissioner of Promotion

My name is Berend Lolcama, I am a third-year bachelor student here at the TU/e. Deciding to study architecture has been the best choice I could make. The combination of creativity and technology is something that I enjoy a lot. Since I was little I have been drawing, painting, and making things. Now that I am twenty years old, I still like to do this in my spare time. I like to draw all kinds of different things, from entire cities to portraits, you name it. Looking at something and trying to catch its essence on paper is something I admire. I think that is also the reason why I like this study so much. We learn to understand the reasoning behind a building or city and we try to capture its essence.

For the past two years, I have attended a lot of AnArchi’s activities and I’ve always enjoyed them. I am therefore very excited about being the commissioner of activities of the 14th board. Working together with the committee, teachers, and companies to facilitate interesting and fun activities for other students really appeals to me. Getting as many people as possible enthusiastic about these activities will be one of my goals this year. Since I am also the commissioner of promotion. This function was introduced last year and I look forward to fulfilling this role. Making posters, flyers, and social media posts together with the committee is something I can put my creativity into. All in all, I can’t wait to work with everyone and I hope we can set the next big step in AnArchi’s growth.

Puck van Diemen – Commissioner of Professional Relations

My name is Puck van Diemen and I am a second-year master’s student at the TU/e. Since the end of primary school, I have thought about the idea of becoming an architect when I grow up. I did my bachelor’s at the TU/e as well, fully focusing on the direction of architecture, with a few courses in the direction of urbanism. However, at the end of my bachelor’s and the beginning of my master’s, I gained more interest in urban planning and decided to switch my master’s to Urbanism, with a few courses in the direction of architecture. AnArchi is the perfect fit for me since it focuses both on the field of urbanism and architecture and the combination of the two.

Through my bachelor’s degree, I have been an active member of CHEOPS, especially as a part of the Vertigo Party Committee for two years. Last year, I went on an exchange to Sydney, Australia. This has been the best experience I have ever had, especially for my personal development. I have always been interested in doing a board year but because of personal priorities and the pandemic, it has never been an option. It feels like the perfect timing for me to be part of the board of AnArchi this upcoming year.

This year, I will be the Commissioner of Professional Relations for AnArchi. I will focus on maintaining a good relationship with our current partners and find new partners in the field of urbanism and architecture to work together. I am looking forward to being in contact with urban planning and architectural companies and organizing different types of activities together with external parties, such as workshops and lunch lectures.

Faith Alcindor – Commissioner of Archiprint

Hi Hi, My name is Faith Alcindor, a passionate individual who has been captivated by the study of biomimicry in architecture. Currently, I am an international student pursuing my undergraduate degree at the TU/e.  Fascinated by the seamless integration of form and function found in natural structures, I have dedicated myself to exploring how architecture can learn from and emulate the efficiency and beauty of the natural world.

In addition to my studies, I have actively engaged in exploring the world of technology and photography. It is through these endeavors that I have nurtured my creativity and expanded my understanding of artistic expression. However, amidst my academic and personal pursuits, I have always prioritized the fundamental aspects of life that bring joy and fulfillment. Family, friends, and sports continue to hold a significant place in my heart, reminding me of the importance of balance and the value of human connection.

As an aspiring architect, I have delved deep into the realm of architectural novels and research papers, immersing myself in the intricacies of design theory and historical contexts. Through these literary journeys, I discovered a profound appreciation for the storytelling potential that lies within architecture.

Hence, it is with great excitement that I join the board as the commissioner of Archiprint for the upcoming school year, wherein I hope to merge my architectural enthusiasm with my love for writing. Through Archiprint, I hope to cultivate a platform where architectural enthusiasts and aspiring writers can come together to create a new narrative that intertwines the built environment with words that dance and inspire.