Activity committee

The activity committee is responsible for organising almost all of AnArchi’s activities. As part of the activity committee you will organise educational activities like excursions, workshops and guest lectures. But there is also room for fun stuff, like pub quizzes or drinks. 

There are also some activities that return every year, like for example project hopping and 

drawing abroad, but your ideas for new creative and fun activities are more than welcome! The committee will plan all the details: from the promotion, logistics and budget to the accommodation and contacting of parties to collaborate with.

Within the committee the setup is flexible; not everyone has to participate in every activity. In this way, everyone can contribute to the things that they are enthusiastic about!


Our committees play an integral role in the daily operations of the association. These committees are run by motivated and enthusiastic students of our community. We are always looking for new talent to join us in the daily adventures of keeping a study association going.