Archiprint 4

Show us what you have got!

Volume / Issue 2 / 2
Editor in chief Aris Santarmos
Editors Mahsa Bagheri, Murat Imamoglu, Frank van Kessel, Michael Maminski, Leon Tonnaer
Writers Floor Frings, Chris de Groot, Renato Kindt, Jac de Kok, Ana Pereira, Marjan Sarab, Jan Schevers, Janet Snoeijen, Henk van der Veen, Jan Verhagen, Loes Veldpaus

Archiprint 4

Architecture is not just about designing, it’s also about presenting. From the very first moment that you start studying in the field of architecture to the end of your professional career, you are called upon to present your ideas, as well as yourself, in different circumstances. These can either be an oral performance about a design or a research project, a portfolio design or a poster needed for an exhibition or a competition.

Although the quality of the idea and the design plays a very important role in the final result, the way they are presented can upgrade or downgrade the final impression that a design makes. The architect must be able and confident enough to convince his or her audience that the concept presented is the best possible outcome. The key element to success is the ability of the presenter to adjust to each audience’s nature, whether it is professional, academic or without architectural background.

This issue discusses many possible ways of presenting architecture, including oral presentations, portfolio development, model making, hand drawing, mixed media and exhibition design, as well as the idea behind the art of presenting. Moreover, in order to thoroughly understand this in practice, we came up with the idea of the ‘Challenge’, in which students were asked to present one of their projects on a single page of our magazine.
So, architects: ‘Show us what you’ve got!’

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