Archiprint 19

Healing Cities

Volume / Issue 19
Editor in chief Joyce Hess
Editors Faith Alcindor, Joyce Hess, Ilse Houbiers, Kalina Petkova, Thijs Roozenboom, Akke Wagenaar, Jurian Weitz
Writers Faith Alcindor, Ilse Houbiers, Akke Wagenaar, Jurian Weitz Issue

Archiprint 19

Archiprint 19, “Healing Cities,” delves into the evolving architectural landscape, focusing on the profound impact of architecture in the reconstruction of cities and the preservation of cultural heritage in the aftermath of natural disasters or periods of conflict. This edition offers an extensive reference for architects, policymakers, and individuals with a vested interest in revitalizing urban areas in a manner that promotes healing, solidarity, and resilience.

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