Bamboo Challenge

Join the CB5 x AnArchi Bamboo Challenge and build the pavilion of the future!

CB5 and AnArchi are challenging you and your fellow students to use the natural building material, bamboo, to create a beautiful pavilion or folly. Take this opportunity to show off your architectural and construction design skills. The CB5 Bamboo Challenge isn’t just another competition; it’s a chance to showcase your passion for sustainable building and inspire the world with the power of bamboo. Subscribe now and win a city excursion of €1500.

On April 24th, it’s time for action! Supported by experienced carpenters, you and your team will work on the Koeveld to bring your bamboo design to life. Enjoy a tasty lunch, then a BBQ with drinks and get ready for the announcement of the winning team by our expert jury!

Don’t hesitate any longer and subscribe now for the CB5 Bamboo Challenge! We expect you on April 24th for an unforgettable experience full of creativity, teamwork and, of course, lots of bamboo!

You can subscribe here for participating in the Bamboo Challenge on April 24.

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