Reynaers Project Visit

Time: 14:15-18:00
Date: May 16, 2024
Location: Strijp-S

In the middle of Eindhoven, on Strijp-S, historic heritage of Philips is being transformed into an international hotspot for living and working. Lighthouse, designed by the architectural firm De Zwarte Hond, is one of the buildings that will stand out the most. At 109 meters tall with 35 floors, it will be the tallest residential tower in the city. How do you ensure comfort at such heights? Residents want to enjoy natural ventilation without noise disturbance. So-called harbor windows and aluminum frames contribute to this. Thermo Konstrukties, in collaboration with Reynaers Aluminium, designed the special aluminum solutions and came up with a clever way to hoist the frames into the facade, speeding up the construction process significantly. What challenges were involved in this process?

Take the opportunity to get insight into the building process of the Lighthouse! Together with our main partner Reynaers, we are offering you the possibility to join the project visit on Strijp-S. We will start with a small presentation in Vertigo, and after that we will visit the location and get a tour around the project site. In the end, we will have a nice drink to close off the fun afternoon!

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