Books are great. A good pastime when you are bored, but also definitely worth making time for. There is an extremely wide array of books on architecture as well as urbanism. There are books available to borrow at the AnArchi desk, but our collection is a fraction of what is out there. With so many books to choose from, it might be quite a job to figure out what is useful or interesting for you. On this page, we present you with a selection of books, recommended by both the internet and professors at the TU/e. You can filter them by discipline to narrow your search, or just browse through. If you find a book you think you like, you can check whether it is available in the TU/e library. Of course, you can also buy every book off the internet or in a bookstore.


The contact hours are not the only moments to learn about architecture and/or urbanism. There is a massive amount of knowledge and insight you can acquire without a professor’s help.